26 December 2005


WOW!! Today my family and I went to Macro to buy some stuff. It was not crowded when we came, but when we went back all the car park were full!! Unbelievable(it's because it had been a while i hadn't go out =D)

The situation went bad to worse when we went to Carrefour, Cheras, I saw my friend unfortunately he didn't saw me. Kind of hard to move and the queue were long.... Well at least it took us juz a few minutes. Hmm, I think these days people didn't get enough sleep, so they slept late. After they wake up it's already afternoon. Then they went shopping causing traffic conjested.

Traffic were bad and all places were crowded and many shops closed for today. WOW! Holiday it's bad. haha

May laughter fill us all!

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coco_panda said...

hey, you are also one of those who went shopping and caused congestion...
remember? it's new year, everyone will shop for new things to welcome year 2006, i suppose...