17 February 2007



Well its a new start for all of chinese citizen in Malaysia, today known as the "sa zap meh" means the 30th of the month in chinese calender or generally known as Chinese New Year Eve, where chinese will held a family reunion dinner. I believe most of the chinese held this family reunion is to gather all the members and had a good relationship again, to strenghten them after all they maybe meet once in a year =P

As you can see most of us now are very materialism especially on money part! Who doesn't? haha this is why family reunion once a year is a MUST. Aside from that, the reunion will makes the luck more prosperous I believe because everyone will have a happy dinner and a good conversation among the family members. It brings luck to the family as they DO NOT argue on that day!

After the dinner, most of the chinese will wait till 12am that is the CHINESE NEW YEAR "chu yi" first day of the month in chinese calender. Of course we all will be hearing the noisy fire cracker flew into the sky, and sometimes it have some accident cause some accident like burning someone's house roof here and there, nevertheless the fire cracker is a must as it will chse away the bad luck which chinese call it "Nian". Despite that our government banned the fire cracker, I think we will have the fireworks this year ^^.

At last, the family member will go home and have a good night sleep, and will be dreaming their bank account filling in money and for some filling out money. The family member who are married, will be giving out ANG POW to those singles and children, when they come visit them between 1st of the month and 15th of the month in chinese calender year.

Chinese new year will be started on 18/2/2007! And today is? Sa Zap Meh (17/2/2007) this article is about me and my family!! I don't want to include "I" inside because my family member is "LARGE" =P

Basically this is a very general preview on the chinese new year. Later on I will post up a preview on 15 days of chinese new year ^.^ Enjoy the day!!


For more info on Chinese New Year Eve "Reunion Dinner" Check Out This Wiki!!

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