18 February 2007

Seems Quiet

Well as you all know it is now Chinese New year, the first day. I do not hear any noises, when Iay noises I firecrackers, or any lion dance, or maybe someone yelling "HAPPY CNY" around my place. NONE!!!!

OMG this is getting not good. From what I know the CNY is still going on, and no rain today. Unless, most of them are still asleep...... =.= because at late last night I am still hearing people playing firecrackers, hehee.

Well they gonna be late to get Red Packet? Nah I do not think so, anyway new dedication blog is around, which let all of you to make some dedications for any occasion or any person you fond to.


INITIAL D ----> Noisy Tribe by Move

1 comment:

coco_panda said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!
hmm...kampung is still the best place to celebrate CNY. If you want the atmosphere, go to any of the kampungs.