15 June 2007

Finally Done, Awaiting for Transfer....

Well finally I had done my part by submiting all my forms to the SBS....and I had submited the TARC loan form too, hope to get a loan which in the end can cover up my fees for ACCA.

After the whole week of rushing here and there, I finally can take a rest and think of what I should do when I am in AFA, lots of planning needed to be done. Had to decide which group to be in as friends wish to be with me...=.= they all seperated into different groups. OMG lah, how the heck I am gonna fulfill their wishes? Spilt myself into few( if i could )

Now I had to wait for 1 week which is end of next week Friday, the SBS projected the date for us (my friends and I, total 4) hope they can do it earlier, now had to rush for the English For Management....Because they are interlinked with AFA English for Management =_= so no choice had to rush it now as on this Thursday we all HAVE TO DO ROLE PLAY....

Although I thought I can take a rest, seems like I don't have the time =_= LAME!! Hope they transfer me before the AAC give out the coursework, I will be dead very soon....and if I am in AFA....Had to rush AFA coursework in few days (less than 1 week, I predict)

Let's see, now it is weekend, I DO NOT CARE! I WANT RELAX!! =P haha

By the way you know why I wanted to change to AFA? Because AAC studied everything including the end of 4 optional ACCA papers whereas AFA is not and AAC cannot take ACCA external papers, but AFA can. Besides that, I see AAC has more subjects to study compared to AFA course....

Thanks for reading

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