15 August 2007

Weird Approach

It was weird becuase yesterday someone approach me and ask me to do a survey....well i guess its ok since there is no harm done... He ask me so many questions till this which strucked me, he told me that my parents had plan nicely for me and suddenly i felt i talked too much...darn that time i can't pretend I am busy by looking at my watch~

So I tried to end the conversation ASAP by answering very simple way, I done the survey job before so I do know where they were going to guide me to answer those foolish questions... In the end he asked for my handphone number, of course I refused to give it to him, and there he went on telling how many people gave him the numbers and why is it so important and there is no hard in giving people numbers =.= I was like "So?".

Then I told him, I really got to go as I was rushing back home now so BACK OFF! Of course I talked nicely to him by saying "I got to go, handphone number? Well you can't get my handphone number that's it end of story...bye" *wave hand* then walked away. So why people wants my number if you at first said it was a simple survey of the people around the Wangsa Maju? Nice trick but it was useless!

Thanks for reading sorry for not posting for a while because I am busy for Advanced Diploma stuffs...Today I will be having a test at 2pm so I have to go continue study lor...Till next time guys, thanks for dropping by and read my foolish post :D


LaSh said...

Good luck with the courses :)

am having a tough time with mine as well :D

elitevillain said...


good luck to both of us!

day-dreamer said...

You know what I did when the guy insisted for my handphone number and I didn't want to give him? I gave a fake one. LOL!

All the best with college. ;)

elitevillain said...

LOL i will use ur idea day-dreamer....its a great idea!