06 September 2007

English(Commerce) AELE 3154

Freaking hard~

I do not even know how to find the answer for case asked for 2 reasons but the marks given are 8marks!! WTH how to write? By giving 2 reasons will I be entitled to get 8marks?

No idea at all, I don't know what to write in the Letter Proposal(section B) there is no guide given only a topic geez how to write?
Background...Plan.....Team....Cost...and Authorization zzzzzzzz
One problem I do not know what kind of cost it charges for the topic about Advertising....What plan? *sigh*

What a foolish paper, no idea and our tutor did not teach much about it so I certainly do not even know what to put in.....Probably because I lack of reading Advertising section in the newspaper =.= this time I am pretty sure I had read daily newspaper to know what is the current issues

But I skip the property and advertising sections which I do not think it is neccessary, do you? *sigh* can't even answer the Section B which carries 30marks

11am my exam ended and my mood were distorted....Next exam on 10th of September 2007 which it is not as stupid as this one....

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coco_panda said...

aiyoh...give la 2 points and each points with 2 oe 3 examples...