20 September 2007

Watching and Finding Animes

Recently I got nothing better to do so I went and find tsubasa chronicle season 1 to watch...Finally I finished it and now waiting for Season 2.

The alst episode of Tsubasa Chronicle should be the end of travelling but instead the Princess Sakura(too nice) made a wish for the others instead of being selfish(wish to regain all her memories)

Duh now need to watch Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2.....and I heard it is not ended yet!! But it is quite funny to see Sakura's memories do not have Shaoran when he is always be with him, and Sakura did call out his name when she was with him. So should know who is the person missing in the picture lar...

Besides that anime now I am looking for Shakugan season 2 YAY!!! It is coming soon, the fansites states that it will come out season 2 in congruence with movie...BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! ~de arimasu and urusai urusai urusai are coming out again ....But that is suppose to happened in July(which I heard in forum) instead of next few months =_=swt need to wait again...Holidays end soon lar *sigh*

See the 灼眼のシャナII (Second) Commercial....YouTube

It is on 4th of October looking forward to that day~de arimasu


coco_panda said...

let me know when it's out!!!!
i want the torrent ah. hehe.

EliteVillain said...


when it is out i scare u no time download or maybe u complain no seeds cannot download wahaha....

or wait me burn into cd for u :P

coco_panda said... come owez no seeds de ah? my sis dl shows also beli fast de wo...
u must have done something >.<

kkk...u burn u burn..must 55 de wo..