30 December 2007

Bank Draft Charges~

Honestly I felt like I had been duped.... The bank draft I drawn from public bank is much more expensive than OCBC bank.... my friend just compared for me yesterday with the form. I do not know about other banks but I am pretty sure about the charges on Public Bank and OCBC bank.

Public Bank charged RM 2 commision and RM 5 for service charges.
Whilst, OCBC bank charged RM 2 commision only.... Oversea bank offers a better deal, can we say that?

Well this is just going to happen once, later times I would be going to OCBC or other bank which offers better deal than Public Bank. I am telling you all the truth. You can choose not to believe me and head to bank and check those charges.

T_T Sad that I had paid RM 10 extra for making 2 bank drafts....

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