26 December 2007

My Groupmate's Birthday- SteamBoat

I just got these pictures yesterday from my friend's camera....But this event happened on 18/12/2007 Tuesday night.

Happy birthday to SeeChee... We were holding the chocolate cake while taking picture. But we didn't cut the cake until tomorrow since we all were fill with food in our stomach haha

We had this steamboat at Telephone restaurant, on 8.30pm until 11pm, no alcohol lor :P

Well my friends just love to see those smoke coming from their cooking, so they FRIED their food.... And for me, I like to have the food in boiling water, and have it cooked!

Don't let the food stop cooking so I continue to put in more and more and more until I cannot stuff in anymore = =" hehe

Of course everyone was enjoying the food.... Non-stop chewing and chatting in the same time XD seems like never ending story telling during that time....

This picture is about my face showing that my stomach cannot take it anymore......I'm FULL!! and the boiling pot was still fill with lots of food =_=" someone will have to take it, or we will be fined for RM 5 per 100g

Aiyo small stomach cannot take anymore food, so drink tea to help digestion...

This is how it looks like when everyone is done with the food =p

Really fill with food that day =___= can hardly move.....Total we paid for each person was RM 19.80... ^^v
Enjoy the moment of being with friends and sharing the food you cooked and scooped those food or vegetables that is cooked into friends' bowl...Fun all the way!


day-dreamer said...

Kong bu huh? LOL.

But I dunno why my stomach seemed to have shrunk. =x

EliteVillain said...

lolz what's "Kong bu"?

girl's stomach don't need so big lar...u wan like coco_panda meh? big appetite ;p