27 January 2008

~ Genting Trip ~

The whether in Genting was very foggy. But the ride was still on, while I was putting in my bag, some of my friends went to ride the spinning. Darn I forgot the name of this ride..... Can someone help me recall it? >.<
This was the second round, those who took the second round will be sure to be dizzy when they landed on the ground hahaaa...

Spin spin spin....spin....spin... Dizzy.....

Dizzy...dizzy....dizzy ...gonna puke.... haha joking..

Me and My friend(Kent) taking picture with the giant Energizer.

What you are going to see are FREE STYLE SHOTS~~~~~~

A picture with the London Bus...

My classmate stucked in the London telephone booth, and couldn't get out.... Well he was acting anyway, just like a pet trying to get out of the cage :D
While we were queuing up for the mini roller coaster ride, we took a picture :D
Didn't expect to queue since it's not holiday :P
After this ride you will see a photoshop that took your picture during the ride, and my friends were laughing at me....Because I was so ugly.... ~.~
Roller coaster ride....Going up...I can tell you that the ride was way too short, I wish it could be a little bit more longer so we can enjoy the thrill. 2 rounds of 360 degree turning was fun, and yet very short. Maybe that is why my friends went to try the Split Shot...... :S

Wall Climbing.... My friends climbed almost till the end but, he could not find a way up so he fall down hehe...
Well even the girls were trying to reach the top, they really try hard. Pretty impressive. But not everyone of us get the chance to climb because we need to get to the Motion Master just another 10min
Unfortunately, when we arrived there we need to split into 2 teams to watch the motion master.... so the 1st team who had the camera, and the 2nd team do not had it and I was in the 2nd team, no pictures for me sadly...
The "Pirate ship"

A night in the hotel .... Although we were pretty exhausted but we still wanted to take some photos . hehe... After we rest about 1hour in the hotel, 9pm we went to Burger King to had our dinner, and then we had a walk in the garden, forgot the name too.....Definitely I am having fun and I am laughing while I am blogging all these pictures.

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day-dreamer said...

Nice to hear that you had fun! :)