17 February 2008

~~Eminent of Pratical Training~~

Although I am not part of this Practical training offered by the college. My friends and classmates are involved in it. Some applied through college and get a near-by working area, some did not. Those who did not will go and apply to another companies to accept them as trainees.

Of course there are some who had been accepted, but they do not take the offer. Why? Because they wish to work in certain company. Kinda very choosy but I guess it is worthwhile since you wish to work in that company after you graduated from Advanced Diploma.

Well practically trainees are offered with LOW salary, if I may say so it is an EXPLOITATION!! But I guess they had no choice but to follow and accept the deal. This is a 3 months training. Oh I forgot to tell what is the training about....It is ACCOUNTING.....boring job :-(

I am currently looking for jobs...Whether it is Non-Related to accounting or related, just taking my time, no rushing :P

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