16 February 2008

Morning Call?!

It just hard to believe this, I watched this kind of scene in the movies or dramas but not in real life. Movies or Dramas showing that people do make calls at 5 a.m to friends or enemies or whatsoever person, again not to me!

Today, just this morning 5a.m my friend phone me just to ask about simple matter about the game ID and PW.....

Besides that he did not even mention about the REASON BEHIND for doing so..... D*MN !! It is unbearable, I thought it was some sort of emergency or urgent call. Didn't he thinks about I AM HAVING A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP?! GEEZZ

So right after I woke up at 9a.m I turned on my PC and MSN him, ask him what is the matter......He ignored and asked me another person's handphone number......This is the kind of friend I get for being nice?

So much for Happy Chinese New Year....Getting pissed is one of the thing I should be grateful about, I guess. Remind me to turn off my phone or set it to Silent Mode next time, OR EVEN IGNORE THE STUPID(not urgent) PHONE CALLs!

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