10 March 2008

Astro offers? Genuine?

A few days ago I received a phone call from a guy who claims himself a Astro employee. He told me that my hand phone number was randomly being selected by the computer and now they offer one year free subscription, and what I have to do is just made a small payment, RM 80+. If you compare the total amount of 1 year subscription fees with the RM 80+, it is just a small percentage, so it is worth....

Then again if he said it is free why do I still need to pay for it? Should it be a zero cost except I need to pay the TNB bill.... So I rejected the offers, funny because he did explain to me why it is worth and asked me why I do not want to accept the offer, I keep repeating myself to him that I reject without reasons, besides the number I saw in my hand phone was somehow weird to me because it starts with 05 so I guess it's a house phone or a fraudulent call.

After a few minutes, the same stupid guy calls back and repeat the same stupid thing to me again so I replied "Hey you called me a few minutes ago!" He quickly apologized and hang up....

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