04 March 2008

Children Playground is Surrounded by "Plates"

My baby brother used to play at that particular playground along with other children in Chan Sow Lin area but suddenly the playground is surrounded by "plates" it prevents the children from getting inside, what is the playground used for if it's not for the children to play? Once the workers finished build up the steel there will be No Entrance at all!!

A lot of dangerous materials laying around the playground, kids could get hurt by those steels and woods. The playground itself is dangerous, when the playground filled with those construction materials it becomes more dangerous and could have kill some of the children if they accidentally bump onto it....

From the day I saw those, I started to prevent or disallow my baby brother from going there again....

PRU-12 is near, shouldn't the candidates do something about it?


Su Sheng Loong said...

Our government is good at building facilities but sucks at maintaining them! The government loves constructing as many 'sendiri' people can benefit from it (you should know my hidden meaning, better don't say it out if not I will get caught). But after building all sort of facilities, the government does not even care to maintain them. If you have been to Singapore, you should know how bad the managment of our government is.

Wait...But I love my country!

By the way, are you a TARC student?

EliteVillain said...

Yes i know what you mean but need to keep it low ... lolz

now the playground totally shut down, no one can enter except for construction workers.

Yeah I am a TARC student studying accounting(Advanced Diploma).
What about you?