18 March 2008


Do you want to get paid for blogging? I know I do, and smorty is one of the website that offers this opportunity for bloggers. I had been paid by smorty about 6 times, they are fast in reviewing your posts and payments. Posts are often approved after 5 days if you had fulfill all the requirements stated by the advertiser. It is easy as long as you just follows the rules.

Some websites needed to be advertised and along with a link back from you, Smorty is just trying to help them by offering you the opportunity and in return you get paid for the review you made about that website. Getting paid for blogging is getting much easier than before. Smorty send the payments through PayPal.

Smorty even has a rating system that records on what rates given by advertisers, the higher rates you get it proves your post has a better impression.