08 May 2008

Bloggers and Law

(Source : TheStar)

Well from the day I started blogging I already know there is a law such as copyrights act. The bloggers have the rights to voice out anything, but if this will offend certain countries I do think the smart bloggers will try to stay anonymous.....

Ever since the case of misuse National anthem, the Malaysia government has started stricten the law for cyberspace.....and taking every available measures to find and catch the guilty blogger like Raja Petra...Remember to implement Censorship =) lol

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Huei said...

or we could use codes like

msia, gomen, etc.


sheng loong said...

In my opinion, bloggers should be responsible to what they write and voice out on the blogs. Staying anonymous perhaps can really evade the government but it is not a ethical method. On the other hand, the government should really allow bloggers to comment on the political issues and not just detain bloggers who write about sensitive issues.