15 August 2008

Restrict Children From Watching Violence Movies

Someone had brought up this issue in The Sun newspaper today requested the authority to consider restricting children under age 12 and 13 from viewing violence movie such as Dark Knight. To be honest I totally agree. Our government should impose a rule restricting children under aged 12 or 13 from watching violence movie although it is U(Umum) but it is still not suitable for kids.

Kids do not know how to differentiate the reality and movie. I remember when I was small after I watch a movie I would try to mimic the movie stunt and how they talked that is because I do not know that it is a fake and is a no-do-able for me until I got into accident broke my teeth.....

Therefore I do not see why should children under-aged 12 or 13 watching Umum movie that is violence, I do encourage the children watch comedy movies as most of them aren't that violence and most of all it is so funny =)

I believe that authority should enforce the law forbidding the under-aged 18 from watching 18SG and 18SX.... And don't keep cut out scene especially the kissing scene XD

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cc said...

The problem is, even with the law enforced, they will still seek it out online or else way. Human nature, always want something we don't/can't have. What's important is for the parents to instill those values to their children from a young age.

It is funny how they rate the movies 18SG or 18SX but still censor out the kissing scenes. LOL

elitevillain said...

yalor already said 18+ still want to censor it...thats why i request the authority to enforce it so we can enjoy the movie like 18+ adults :P

Johnny Ong said...

i totally agree with cc that parents should be aware of such movie's violence. the parents should be there to explain to the children before, during and after the movie.

failure to do so, the kids will definitely grow up thinking that such violence are real in this world.

the issue is not in the cinema but those pirated dvds are found everywhere

EliteVillain said...

@Johnny : yes parent has a huge part to play a matter of fact we all do in order to have this problem curb ... if only we all work together =) but who has the time right?

zewt said...

i think children are too smart nowadays to be placed under any form of restriction. and they are beginning to know that 'crying' is a very good tool to get what they want. things just arent the same anymore.

EliteVillain said...

@zewt: lol but the authority should not allow the children so does the parents, see how firm is the adults in helping to curb this matter...i think...thanks for leaving comment here =)