12 November 2008

500k Free AirAsia seats to Boost Economic

“There are two ways to deal with a slow economy. You’ve got to give more value, and you’ve got to stimulate people to travel."
Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes said.

Quote from TheStar

I like what he said about the way to boost economics. In the time like now AirAsia take the initiative to offer another FREE stuffs away to encourage people to SPEND! -.- isn't that great? Because when there is spending, there is increase of money in the market/country, instead of saving in bank the money goes out as investment very slow whereas spending like shopping will increase faster =p

Actually I am thinking if we spend to go travel oversea doesn't this means that we actually demand other country currencies?

Here's the chain reaction I see.

First customers will incurred spending to take taxi to airport or family members send them either way it incurred spending, next AirAsia earns the Malaysia currency, maybe from luggage charges then customers will exchange Malaysia money for oversea currencies and spend on oversea! This means we made the other country currency appreciate! I'm guessing it's boosting small percentage of the world economy...

Nevertheless, this should not be the reason not to travel with FREE SEATS!! Book now and travel at June 22 to Oct 24 next year....

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zewt said...

i just think it's a marketing gimmick and hey, who can audit that there were actually 500k free tics? i went there within an hour and already have to pay.

Johnny Ong said...

zewt cld be correct there. nobody cld verify how many seats were given free actually

EliteVillain said...

@zewt : I'm studying ACCA and I had no experience, but i am sure there is no in-book guide to teach me how to audit that except by estimation(unknown figures maybe)

@Johnny : totally agree....but Dato Tony is an ACCA member I bet he knows how :P