16 December 2008

Great Deal for TARC Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting (a.k.a AFA)

Seriously this information had been released last month but my friend just informed me recently. It's about TAR College Advanced Diploma can register straight into Master program, amazing isn't it?

Last few days I still see people arguing the TARC Advanced Diploma worthiness, but after seeing this I believe it sure rises the value, don't you think? I don't know about other courses Advanced Diploma but for mine in AFA (Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting) sure can pursue to MASTER program in Napier University which is higher than ACCA....

So let's say I finished(pass all subjects) my AFA and i go on Master for 3 modules....WOW I will have Master and ACCA( let's say i pass all ACCA papers also)....hehehe sure increase salary lor....hahahaa so happy :P

Still not sure about the duration but i will go find out ASAP since its a GREAT opportunity for me in creating a BRIGHTER FUTURE~~~~

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