28 December 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!!!

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to Ken Yip!
This is the first time of his birthday celebration ^_^

This picture just amazes me because his smile is so sweet and cute, just can't take my eyes off from him....The party starts at 7.30pm, ended at 10pm.

From left to right : That's Me, Ken Yip and my neighbour's son.

We bought Pizza, KFC and some Egg Tarts, of course the cake too. The cake is Blueberry with a lot of strawberries which my mom top it up on....

I invited my best friends come gather and have updates with each other, and this is just a simple party that's why I just invited few that are near to my house. Next year we're going to have the celebration again probably will be bigger than this!

Thanks to Ka Wai, Yau Khoon, Yi Quan and Seng How for coming to the party =) And thank you for the presents!

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