11 December 2008

New Semester TimeTable is Out >_<

The released timetable is just for 7 weeks right after that I am going to have approximately 1 month holiday before continuing my rest of the semesters which is the 7 weeks left over. The timetable isn't good timing for me....There are 3 or 5 hours of break in between making me have to stick in the college and I had no idea what else can I do beside study >_< Maybe the 5 hours I can go back home and take a nap...

For this semester I have only 4 subjects; 3 of them are examinable subjects with few percentage of coursework contributable to exam, and 1 with 100% coursework.

More work for new semester...

Why don't they let me choose the timetable for myself :P
I promise to align the time with the lecturers and tutors :D

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day-dreamer said...

Wah, exam just finish then time table out already? So efficient man! LOL~

EliteVillain said...

>_< sien ar!!! the timetable not that good and I need to plan what to do with those hours beside wasting it .... argh!!!