24 January 2009

Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year in the Year of OX I wish you all prosperous and healthy!
Safe journey in traveling back to celebrate Chinese New Year ^_^

祝 : 所有的梦想都能实现,所有的付出都能兑现!
Wish : All your dreams come true, and all your efforts pay out this year!

Xin Nian Kuai Le
Gong Xi Fa Chai
Wan Shi Ru Yi

Please drive safe and try not to think so much about the economic crisis except how to enjoy the holidays. Take the time off and celebrate with your family....Remember to go home and have Reunion Dinner =) Happy CNY...

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day-dreamer said...

Happy CNY! :D

Johnny Ong said...

happy chinese new year to u & family

EliteVillain said...

@DD and John : Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!