08 April 2009

My New LCD Monitor!

Yes finally I bought a new LCD monitor and dump my CRT monitor :D

It's Samsung although I wish I could could bought ViewSonic but ViewSonic LCD is not available yet....So I bought Samsung. It's a 20" inch model 2033sw cost me RM 444...Yes yes the price number isn't that pretty =.= but i don't mind as it is cheaper than other stores in Low Yat!

Brand new LCD must handle with care so I slowly took it out and took picture of what is "inside" of the box.

How else I know that we have to PUSH HARD on the stand in order to FORCE it fit into the hole. Don't get me wrong, I just afraid it's gonna break or something so I rang up the office just to double confirm it's the right thing to do. There I go following the instruction on the box and started PUSHING in.

FINALLY it stabilize!!! PHEW~~~

It sure feels good for the first time having LCD monitor!

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day-dreamer said...

Congrats on the new LCD! Haha.

EliteVillain said...

@Day-Dreamer : haha Thanks! CRT Monitor spoiled so must get new one ;)

coco_panda said...

why so HUGE.
Black is nice though.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Finally u bought a new LCD monitor..
Shd nice right..

EliteVillain said...

@coco : it's 20"inch Samsung LCD ^^v you should get one for your laptop too ahahaha

@liyliy : Yes and it is addictive now...I can't leave it and go do my revision....

Rackmountsales said...
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