16 June 2009

Big Radiation Wave at 11pm Daily?

It is a HOAX
Yes it is. Trust me just delete the sms and stop forwarding to your friends to create panic! There is no such thing happening at 11pm~

I just received a few sms about this hoax which i find it waste of money to circulate around.... People who circulate it becomes victim of the hoax =/

Read The Star newspaper to make sure of it. Here's the link :

The Star : SMS on radiation wave a hoax
A source from DiGi and a Maxis spokesman said Sunday that the message was either a prank or misconstrued information.

There you go the prove!

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_butt said...

funny thing was, I received the same text message just last year.

EliteVillain said...

It is funny when you see the repeated hoax coming back to you! But i hope this time it ends....