22 July 2009

Possible Increment in Electricity Rates

Please take note on this matter because the Cabinet meeting is held today if the proposal is approved, Malaysian will face an increment of electricity rates starting next month!

My goodness at this kind of time the TNB still wishes to increase the rate, we're facing a economic crisis here and the increment will not aid in spending but will reduce!! Well we couldn't complain so much right? Since our country has the lowest electricity rates in the region.

Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said it is not definitely will be approved.

I sure hope they DECLINE the proposal! As far as I can see the prices increase has never decrease!! Probably some sellers will take this opportunity to increase their selling price or reduce the consumable amount! Just like the chicken rice has fewer chicken and SMALLER burgers (smaller than my freaking palm! Dammit!)

Source : There are TWO Datuk Peter Chin's interview videos for you to watch

Update :
There will be no increment of rates currently! The Government considered the economic factor and decided not to allow the raise in rates! The 31.31sen/kWh will be remained as it is until the end of the year~

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