16 January 2010

Unecessary Traffic Congestion!

OMG la....Just because a small accident at the opposite road, our Malaysian drivers become tortoise driver making the road congested for no good reason except "concerning" the accident....

Come on! Focus on the road and drive!

Let the relevant authorities handle the situation and stop wasting the other drivers' (eg Samseiko) precious time! I was in a hurry to get to my destination and these viewers who doesn't stop at the side of the road and help the accident, instead they create more traffic jam! If you can't help, DO NOT CAUSE MORE TROUBLE!

What a bad day....Earlier on, in the office where I was supposed to do presentation but in the end boss had a quick meeting(2 hours) and made my presentation postponed to another week! GRR!!!GREAT!

Well life isn't much smoother than we thought....

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