06 February 2010

Proud of Malaysia Tourism

Seriously how can you not being proud of being Malaysian when a lot of artists from oversea were made into news along side with Malaysia =) Remember Andy Lau marrying a Malaysian female? Remember that Edison Chan opened a Juice shop in Bangsar and been into Zouk?

How about this news about "Angelica Lee Sin Jie and Hong Kong film director Oxide Pang Chun at the Pangkor Laut Resort off Pangkor Island"??

Though Lee Sin Jie is a Malaysian but Pang Chun is a Hong Kong Director who's gonna marry Lee Sin Jie! Because he is a director, he attracts more artists to come attend his wedding (indirectly promoting Malaysia). TheStar report that Sylvia Chang Ai Jia, Aaron Kwok, Sandy Lam and Gigi Leong are going to attend the wedding.


Ok that's the good thing happening in Malaysia, but you did heard from our Prime Minister Najib saying that our country had been mostly complained about BAD TOILET!! Yes BAD TOILET is the TOP!!

So now some people gotten CREATIVE by installing a hidden pinhole camera at petrol kiosk in Ipoh. The camera was equipped with battery and a 256MB memory card. Attention to all female to becareful about "holes" and "wires" in toilet because you never know what is hidden until it is too late....

TheStar 1
TheStar 2

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