13 September 2015

How to get 4 TB free cloud storage

Last few weeks I had been searching for

Weiyun, from Tencent is offering a big juicy cloud storage at 4 TB (used to be 10 TB (10240 GB)) free cloud storage to new customers and it cost you nothing! Tencent is one of the largest internet companies in China. It provides various services like (web portal), WeChat (the biggest competition to top messenger WhatsApp) etc.

As compared with other cloud storage websites in the western only offers a range from 2 GB to 50 GB:
1. Mega Cloud - 50 GB
2. Google Drive - 15 GB
3. One Drive - 15 GB etc... just to name a few.

If you wish to get more storage from cloud storage it will cost you arms and legs however now we have WeiYun! It offers 1 TB once you successfully registered and 3 TB extra, that's total 4 TB (4000 GB)!

How To Get 4 TB Free Cloud Storage From Weiyun?

 1. Sign-up QQ account click here. I don't think you'll have any problem at all signing up.

 2. Sign in to the Tencent Cloud with your QQ id. I'll walk you through because it is in Chinese language. So....the first box is your email id associated with QQ and the second box is the password to your QQ id.

 3. Now, go to Weiyun and click on the Chinese characters coloured in blue to get your 3 TB free cloud storage. see the picture below? "3T" Yeah that is your clue to click on. Don't need to study much chinese characters right?

 4. This will required you to scan the QR code with your WECHAT id. So you will have to sign up a WeChat id click here. The website is in english so you should not have any problem too.

 5. Log in to the Weiyun cloud again to enjoy your 4 TB free cloud storage.

 If you have failed to obtain the account please go through the below steps
Summary Checklist to upload and download files without any hiccup:
 (a) Sign up for QQ account
 (b) Download Tencent Cloud to PC so you can sync
 (c) Sign up Wechat id with phone
 (d) "Follow" WeiYun wechat

Regarding the sign up of WeiBo account:
I've tried signing up with my Malaysia phone number but no matter how many times i had typed in correctly the verification code it will not allow me to register thus, it is futile to continue on registering a Weibo account for now.

Translated Chinese to English so you can navigate through:

Here’s the summary of the “Cloud Storage War in China”:
· Before all this, free storage services in China are mainly focused on capacity under 15GB Qihoo360
· But on 8/13/2013, Kingsoft (03888.HK)announced that it has received $20 million investment. With this financing, Kingsoft Kuaipan, a service under Kingsoft offers 100GB free storage service to personal users.
· Then Qihoo 360 said they offer users 360GB
· Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU), the largest search engine in China, said: pay 1 RMB, you’ll get 1TB permanent space (1USD=6.1RMB)
· Then Qihoo said they’ll offer users extra 666GB on top of the 360GB, that’s more than 1TB
· Then Baidu said it offers 1TB free, and users who pays 1 RMB gets an extra 1TB
· Then Tencent joined the war and offers 10T. See my thread here.
· Then Qihoo calls itself the terminator to this war and said it offers users unlimited storage, free and permanent!
· Then Baidu changed it service to offer users the 2TB for free and will refund the 1RMB to users who paid.
Other competitors in the war include:
· Sina (NDSDAQ: SINA), famous for its Twitter like service called “Weibo”, said it offers 100GB and if you share one file to the public, you’ll get the same size of free permanent space (They called it “unlimited”)
· (just an ordinary cloud storage company) offers 15GB to new users and all users get 1TB every year, increasing to unlimited size.


satrio said...

i already follow we chat account weiyun but didn't got 4 TB only got 1024 G

Unknown said...

1TB here as well. I ran across a blog that claimed that the 4TB (and above) were only a timed offer and those offers have since expired.

Anonymous said...

Same for me, I scaned QR code with WeChat, but I still have 1 TB. BTW, there is no blue coloured link to get extra 3 TB.

Unknown said...

hello when I try to sign up me calls phone number, and I do not help me?