28 January 2006


THRILL to see me post again?

Well, I am more thrill when the CHINESE NEW YEAR is tomorrow. I believe we all do feel like that. But as we all can't deny the fact that some are staying alone in home and some houses are vacant, this will cause the THIEVE to come! Well all of us should becareful.

Oh what the hack, who shouldn't draw back by these darn things, WE SHOULD BE CELEBRATING instead of worrying our house being robbed. OK? Boys and girls don't gamble too much. Just gamble RM10 and "sapu" all your opponent back. That's more like it!! Hehe..... Win back 10 times! ooolala....

Enjoy your holidays!! Tell your parents to drive safe. May all the great blessing be upon you all and me too!!


coco_panda said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!

where's my ang pow??

_butt said...

Happi CNY!!!

Aiyoyo.. every blog I see ar this coco_panda will be asking ang pow from everyone..

Not everyone is married leh.. :P

coco_panda said...

hehe... who knows someone won't mind giving out ang pow even if they are not married...hehe