09 February 2006


This is called the WEATH WARS.

Wealth Wars is a free online role playing game which allows members to move through an imaginary world where just about any thing goes. When a member signs up with Wealth Wars they are given a base which is randomly placed on a coordinate in the Wealth Wars world.

All members start with statistics level of zero. These levels are strength, base fortification, base security, and stealth. Your strength and stealth statistics levels are used in the spying and attacking of other members bases. The modification of these level by purchasing upgrades will allow a member to attack, spy, or defend their own base more effectively.

Moving around in the Wealth Wars war field is a very unique experience. Members will encounter several different types of lands including mountains, swamps, wastelands, deserted bases, jungles, upgrade stores, and other members bases. Throughout your travels you will have several available options for some of the types of land. The world you are traveling in will stay the same from day to day so you can keep track of specific coordinates and visit them every day. Although the lands stay the same, the world itself expands outward as more members join.

Join an alliance or form your own and you will benefit from the statistics of the other members in your alliance. Alliances with stronger members will notice that it will be easier for them to attack their enemies and earn more! By joining an alliance you will also be allowed to message them at any time and they will instantly receive the message through the Wealth Wars messaging system!

Members are given 350 moves per day within the war field. By searching in mountains you will be able to find more moves along with several other items that will help you get the edge in the game. Be sure you search in every mountain as they also contain instant cash and prizes!

You can also earn some quick cash by referring your friends or relatives. You will earn $0.25 from every referral you get, and you will earn $0.25 for every single month they stay active! This will allow you to earn an unlimited amount from your referrals and you can earn from them for life!

If you are lucky enough to have successfully defended your earnings at the end of the month, Wealth Wars will mail you a check or have it deposited directly into an online account with one of our partnering payment processors.



coco_panda said...

wah...........what a long post... complicated...tak faham le...

Elite@Villian said...

its an online game only lo

play for fun, but i think u dun hav time

_satanic said...

are you playing also?

this online game i've heard before but i never thought it would be like this..

saying about play for fun, mostly people play to compete or to win sumthing out from the online game..

well, i am interested in this game but i still considering about it..

Elite@Villian said...

I heard from the forum(expert guys),he said that if u play for fun and strategy, u sure will win....

but if u play for money den its not ur day....:(

still v all need to remember its juz a game eventho it offer money to us all.