05 March 2006


PLANED to stay home and do a recap on what I had done in this whole semester break... Well, I do not think I had done much of the things, kind of like "I got nothing better to do!". Sad.....

Well I guess I had done what I wanted to besides study. hehe. 3rd semester is going to start tomorrow 4pm.

FUN TIME OVER, DELIGENT STARTS TOMORROW!! Let us all keep our heads high with a sturdy torso supporting.

Last thing, for those people who are lost in life, you can find me. As I had found the cure(temp) for some of you. Thanks to no one!!

Oh, if you guys had notice there is a member in my team, YQ, he is my friend who will too contribute in my blog so don't be surprise when he post.


_butt said...

welcome, welcome ^^

coco_panda said...

hey! Happy Studying!

Oh, YQ? one of my friend also call YQ le.. but i'm sure it's not the same person *hehe*

Anyway, looking forward to your post YQ!

Marz 1st time said...


how's ur new sem?

Elite@Villian said...

Well it is starting good as always, eventually it will crumble down....

hope the best as always