06 April 2006

Study For What?

We study is just want to get the certificate, so that we can get a better jod for a high salary....
Or We Study is because we want to learn more? to have more knowledge?
Nowadays many people study is just want to get the cert, many of them are not really interested in study, So some of them will not get a good result but they still can get the cert...
Do you think what we study now are really gonna be useful for us in future? Are we going to apply what we have learned in future? Why We Need To Study So Much? LoL...


coco_panda said...

Well ya, I totally agree that we study is to gain knowledge. But the society now doesn't allowed us to do so.
Take for example, if a company wants to recruit a manager, and two came to interview. Both have expereince but one is diploma holder and another is a degree holder. Who will you choose? Of course what their knowledge is important, but that can only be shown after they work for sometime. Now, who will you choose first? Of course a degree holder will stand a better chance. Don't you agree?
Well, may be you don't. *hehe*

But that is what I think la... In the society now, certificate seems to play a much major roll.

And one more thing, do you choose your field of study according to your interested or what the market needs?

coco_panda said...

oops...typo error

not 'roll', is 'role'.

_butt said...

Well.. I think there's a shift in priority for what working society needs today.. sorry to say this, I wud have to disagree with Panda. Experience is what it counts when it comes to job, cert is just a 'temporary' guarantee. It might not last as much as experience.

But of course, it always depend on the nature of the job. Say with journalism, you don't need much skills actually.. but the experience you gained along the way is priceless.

So, conclusion is.. so long as you have the passion for wuteva u do, knowledge is a life-long learning.. when you apply the knowledge, you learned the good and bad.. now that's your experience.

And another thing that I felt we need to have to survive in future.. is versatility. So, study as much as you can now when you had the chance, because you'll nvr know how it might benefit you in future, if you know how to tap the chance and utillize it that is.


coco_panda said...

well, butt, experience is also important. But the society now make as if that cert is more important.
I was told by someone the other day, a person who got a cert he or she can get a higher postion, whereas for one who got a lower cert, it's limited for them.

What I think is, a company will prefer to have a higher cert manager right? I dunno la, that is what I think.

Degree is still better than diploma right? Degree holder will be in a better postion when comes to seeking for a job.

Many are saying that, what we had learn can only last for five years.

So, experience is equally as important as cert?

Oh gosh, I don't know. And I don't care. *hehe*

Elite@Villian said...

I believe first u gotta get a cert cuz fresh gradutaes sure r inexperience and after that they will look into ur working experience.

they believe that with higher knowledge grant high crital thinking and solving skills and most off all leadership skills.

take "The Apprentice" for example. The Donald Trump always refer to those who r higher education b4 he refer to those who r less higher.

Remember the Randal? Yea recall wat Mr. Trump told him....

Life sucks.....huray!!!

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