07 April 2006

Vote Vote Vote!!!

Create polls and vote for free.

IF you vote both pls state your oppinion about which one comes first?
Eg: Experience comes first then high education or vice versa.
ps. high education means many degrees holder, or until Master or PHD.....


wei ching said...

ermm...i think this is almost like 'the apprentice' where donald trump picks who will be his apprentice. well, there are two groups like 'street smart' or 'book smart'. in the end, kendra and tanya fought it out. each representing one group and although its kendra who wins in the end, i still think that people learn from is just all about theory

coco_panda said...

experience and education background is equally important.

If you have got experience but without a good education background, you will get limited chance in getting a promotion and that brings to a higher salary too.


If you have got good edu background but with no experience, it doesn't work well too. Because what you learn from school is limited and it won't last long. We got to learn while we work and exposure is important. The more we expose, the more experience we gain.

err...correct ah? I just simply crap only le.. *hehe*

_butt said...

Yes, wei ching! I totally agree with u.. ^^ but it depends on how u apply the theory rite.. if u cud apply wut u've learn + experience + passion = close to perfect!

Close oni.. *haha*

_butt said...
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Elite@Villian said...

wow butt, u posted too many times, well I totally agree when u can apply the stuff u learn into reality.

Well truths and thoughts r different things so it may and may not happen this way. still we hav to see the current issues.

some employers will choose education over experience.... its all depends on the employer.

speaking as if I was there. lol

_butt said...

Oops.. sori abt d double postin *hehe*

Anonymous said...

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