12 April 2006

Social Skills?! =_=il|

Everyone shouldn't be so shy when meeting friends. But in nowadays people have some issue in social skills making all of us need to learn this more deeply when it should be a natural thing that we all have!

Tell me what would you do if you want to meet a friend out of somewhere? For example you meet a VIP who is walking towards you, and you know if you do not talk to him or her you will regret.... so tell me in this situation what will you do?

People will feel so shy when they want to start a caonversation. I had to admit that I been into that situation before....I have to say experiences and confidence are the keys!

Wait! This is only the KEYS, not the WAY! I think we all would like to know the way right? JUst hope that there will be someone who is much more experience than me, telling you the way! So please for those of you who are exprienced reply here!!




_butt said...

Well, I'm not experienced but I can share a thing or two, based on wut I've learned during my internship la that is.. so you've got the keys.. 'experience and confidence'.. how abt the way then?

Use those keys lo.. work on it hand-in-hand, and rmb your body language too.. cz the first thg tht ppl notice is yr body gesture ma rite.. nvr cross yr arms al d time while talkin, it makes u look less approachable and 'wood'.

For sumone who's less of a social butterfly like me, I think it's better to be modest (keep it low profile) but remained interested all the time in the social circle, cz ppl wud gradually warm up to u and wud gladly entertain your questions.. oops, I mean, your interest. *haha*

Keep a light conversation first. Know how to sprinkle a bit of humor when situation applies, and if the other party is in the same enthusiasm level as you are upon the conversation, well, good on ya.. that's your headstart ^^

From there, you'll gradually make your way from one social circle to another, expanding your network.. *muahaha*

Dont wori if it doesnt really work out in the first few tries, it takes practice. Oh, and not forgetting sumthg else.. very important. SMILE. It's free so don't waste it. And of coz, the easiest way out to socializing is clubbing. Haha.

Yikes. My tendency to tell grandma stories strikes again. :P

Elite@Villian said...


100% back u up! finally someone post...MODEST is another key too.

Keep the conversation flow smooth meaning not too "hot" nor too "cold". GET busted or get shot down...

_butt said...

TQ TQ.. *hehe*

Yep. It's about finding the right mix of balance through trial n error, I guess, like experiments.

If u nailed it, well done. If not, well, at least u cn laugh abt it and move on.

coco_panda said...

i don't know what to comment!
and i feel like writing something here.

Elite@Villian said...

Well wait for Meow post then.... Need more confirmation from experienced people.

Neko~ Neko said...

Ahem, so am i the experience fella you had on mind? Hee hee. Well, believe me, i'm not!

Well, i agree with _butt that modesty is important. Talking too much to a stranger might irritate them (you'll never know). Another thing would be to hold yourself together. Meaning, don't try to be someone you are not just because you want to impress. If you don't know about something, admit it instead of saying you know.

Making the first attempt to talk will eventually make the person starts talking, unless the person does not want to. You wil recognise one when you see them. People who look elsewhere when you talk to them, or answered you bluntly are those who does not want to strike a conversation with you.

On the contrary, many will eventually starts talking when you speak to them. Of course, start off with a topic that you and the person know, eg, if you met the person at a shopping mall, asked what's she/he doing there (may sound stupid, but that's the first attempt), or if you met someone familiar on the street, just pop the question, with a sincere smile of course!

Ugh~ i guess i comment too much. Wonder if i got it correctly, but i sure hope someone expert will come forward to share with all of us, ya?

I am Marcuz said...

I think honestly is a need in every conversation. Just be urself when u speak. It Donest always work at 1st, but later on, that person will know that u are a good guy.


If u are, then there's no need to be afraid to speak...

yup, u have the keys, but do u have the intention?

Elite@Villian said...

I guess my blog didnt have the sufficient traffic/visitors so i guess I am goin to do something about this =(

In my oppinion everyone of you are correct as I had tried them....seems like working like a charm or is it my charm?
;p panda, dun hav to mock me

_butt said...

Ei ping yr blog to PPS la.. or other blog portals oso can.. guarantee to increase your traffic ^^

cynyin said...

don't ask too many personal questions as this will irritate ur new friend.. ^^

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