10 June 2006


I AM: I am who I am the only walking devil on earth circulating all of u!

I JUST NOW: Just recall I had been forced to do this tagging!!!

I SAID: understanding urself is the most hardest thing on earth!!

I WANT: all of my acquaintances to remember the things I SAID

I WISH: coco will stop forcing and bossing around like an idiot? hoho

I HATE: those who are not punctual..

I MISS: No one except myself ;p

I FEAR: Nothing I guess….maybe u all can try something on me

I HEAR: the smooth music in my pc

I WONDER: shud I be wondering?

I REGRET: it’s a secret ;p.

I AM NOT: an idiot!

I SING: I am sucks in singing so I dun sing!


I AM NOT ALWAYS: day dreaming...

I MADE: so many errors but I enjoy it…….

I WRITE: love letters to my lover…..awwww how sweet….

I CONFUSE: about how the world works?...

I NEED: to do my assignment!!

I SHOULD: be finishing my assignment in few more minutes only if the tutor give all the instructions!!

I START: my silkroadonline, the online game right after I finished my assignment..hehe

I FINISH: this tagging...

I TAG: no one as I do not wish to make ppl’s life or blog more miserable

Why I do this tag? Because I do not wish to offend that sensitive PANDA!!!


coco_panda said...

OI! apa idiot!

you kena tag ma, then have to do la...


Elite@Villian said...


nice or not u tell me? wakakakkaa

coco_panda said...

hey, btw, you know satanic is in tarc also??

Elite@Villian said...

omg what course?