25 June 2006

Life Is Like A Game

Nowadays many people hate their life, some say life is sucks, life is boring, and so on.... It's depends on how do u look at your life... My perception is, Life is like a game. We are like playing a game in our life, as long as we are living, we are playing games. What kind of life we have depends on what game we are playing. Sometimes the game is playing with usand God is like the creator of the game, he creates the game and we are playing the game. We are the character in the game, we will meet with new friends and new places. Every character in the game will have different personalies, just like us in life.

In life we will face many problems, just like in the game, and we all will make mistakes in life as in the game. So we should face the problems but not run away from the problems, because if we run away we will suffer and the problem will keep following us. In life we can have fun and enjoy our life just like enjoying in a game but sometimes we may have some difficulties. Some of us may go to the wrong way in life as in a game, and some once they have gone to the wrong side, they will keep making mistakes and will have more and more difficulties.

In every game, there are objectives and goals, and every character has their own objectives and goals to achieve. In life we will have our own goals and objectives. We work hard and try our best to achieve these objectives. ONce we have achieved one of our objectives, it is like we have completed a part of a game and we go for another.

When we are playing a game, it is just like in the real life. There will be anger, greed, jealousy, love and a lot more characteristics that appear. We are the character in a game, and we playing the game, these characteristics will be shown out and we can realize that. All these characteristics sometimes may cause us go to the wrong way and also may lead us to success. It depends on how we play the game and how we look at it.

In life, we all keep learning, we learn from mistakes . Besides that, we also experience many kind of things in life and we enjoy in life, exactly like in a game. Why do we life? We live to learn, to achieve our goals, to experience, and to enjoy. Some people are not as lucky as us, they haven't really got what they wanted and their life is ended, it is like Game Over.

Conclusion, life is like a game, there will be a begining and an ending. Some people end the game half way, some end their life just in time.


_butt said...

Nice one!! *clap clap clap*

Elite@Villian said...

lol YQ u r appreciated!! haha

*cough* *cough* he is good in throwing ideas, even better than me *cough**cough* got to admit*cough*

=p dun like tat he is better than me!