31 August 2006

98 Degrees - Was It Something I Didn't Say

This song is really nice, and it tells the story of mine, hehe, it was long time ago.... Hehe.Read The Lyrics...

Spending another night alone
wondering when i'm gonna ever see you again
thinking what i would give to get you back , baby
i should have told you how i felt then instead, i kept it to myself, yes
i let my love go unexpressed till it was too late
you walked away...

was it something i didn't say, when i didn't say "i love you"
was it words that you never heard, all those words i should have told you
all those times, all those nights
when i had the chance to
was it something i didn't say...

always assumed that you'd be there
couldn't fore see the day you'd ever be leaving me
how could i let my world slip through my hands , baby
i took for granted that you knew ,yeah
all love, the love I had for you ,yeah
i guess you never had a clue
till it was too late
you walked away...

all the words were in my heart
they went unspoken
baby, now my silent heart is a heart that's broken
shoulda said so many things
shoulda let you know
you're the one i needed near me
but i never let you hear me...

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coco_panda said...

This is indeed a very nice song. =) thanx for entertaining :)