20 September 2006

Ever Wonder About Your NetSafety? [Part.1.]

Well yesterday I came across a site where it gives us a guide to make a good password. Hmm so what kind of password is consider a good pasword? Ok here is a guide or tutorial call whatever you want, which will guide you!! But instead of posting all parts of the article I will seperate it so you will have time to digest... =p

Anyone nowadays can be a hacker just in case you didnt notice. But how do we prevent them? Just when you think your password is hard to crack well guess what in just a few days they can crack your password!!

I know you won't believe me, its alright. Go to my blog and search the term "brute force" understand the term, if you still don't understand then I will personally post a layman term. Now let us start with our [Part.1.] - "What password should not be used?" guide to create a good password.

What Not To Use

Many users use in their passwords things from personal life, such as:

or combine them all...etc etc

Do not use this under any circumstances!! These things can be easily guessed, and more easily cracked and your account will be gone.... Never use obvious things from your life, such as names, birthdays or other dates.

Anyone who knows you a bit can easily guess your password. Or you have post some personal details in the website which a search engine can easily search out your information in just a few seconds!!

Password crackers have all the names, and can try hundred of number combinations very fast. Remember they have all the time in the world just to hack or crack your precious account especially cracker would love to access to your bank accounts.

Yes, in case you think that there are millions of combination but guess again, how many digits or words you use? I suggest you wait for the [Part.2.] which will help you tackle those bas****.....

Until then please post your comments, thank you.

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i still don't understand what is bruteforce la.