22 September 2006

NetSafety [Part.2.]---> Passwords!

Now this [Part.2.] will show you what kind of password that can consider good but not perfect as any password can be crack. A good password will take longer time to crack that's all.

No more nonsense let us begin...

The Longer The Password, the Better
Today, Windows 2000 and Windows XP allow more than 10 characters as a password. The longer your password, the longer time it will take to crack. One thing that was discovered is that cracker will use brute force attacks to crack down ou passwords. Therefore, make Use Of Characters/Symbols.

In order to make a strong password, it’s recommended that you use all types of characters and symbols.
Lower Case – a,b,c,d
Upper Case – A,B,C,D
Symbols - @,#,$,%,^,
Numerals – 1,2,3,4
Alt Characters – Â, €

It is highly recommended to use a combination of all that. A strong password is hard for password crackers to break it. Nowadays most websites has case sensitive. Example could be Yahoo! and Hotmail, "password : H4ckT1sum0R0N!" this password uses upper/lower case characters, numerals, and symbols. When I put it in a Password Strength Meter, it showed me that it is a very strong password. "Warning do not use this as your password ^^ "

---------Using Space
It is not recommended to use space at the beginning or at the end of the password. {Am not too sure about this but maybe we should do something that people do not expect us doing it.}

----------Reversed words
Some people think it’s good to write a word inversed. Such as panda ----> adnap or satanic ----> cinatas or butt ----> ttub. Password crackers will try to reverse all the words. It’s still easy to crack a normal word, even if it’s inversed. hehe this is just examples ^^ no offence...

----------Using Different Passwords For Different Accounts*** (important)
Why nott all the lock on your house use the same key to unlock? Life would be more easy and more easy for theif to get in also. That’s why it’s recommended that you use different passwords for different accounts. I don’t mean use a different password for every account, but use one for your email and forums. But surely, please use a different one for important stuff such as banking, online shopping, or anything that has your credit card number in the account.

More likely people will try to break your email account first. If they find out that, they will try the same password for your other accounts too. Conclusion, you decide how you want to divide your accounts and passwords, dilenma?

Haha good luck...

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_butt said...

waseh!! wut if we create long long complicated password then ended up forgot abt it? kinda mafan eh.. for me la, at least..

very informational though :)