16 November 2006



I had just watched the movie a few days ago.... I like the story which created by the script writer who come up with a good script! I enjoy what they say...

WOW!! I don't know what else to say but to give this movie a compliment; "FANTASTIC!" The death note that had been dropped by the death God, and send the note to the Earth where we all live, of course some boy who is a brilliant student saw it and picked it, his name is Light.

Light start writting criminal names who just got caught and those who are in cell. All of them die of heart attack.... Which Light thinks that he is doing a justice for the man kind and making the world into a better place, and he made himself as GOD.

Unfortunately, his dream will not be succeed as L, a young brilliant detective who solve all kinds of crime, is investigating on this matter and trying to stop Light from killing more people eventhough the ones that died are criminals....remember everyone has a second chance, by the way, criminals will be put into justice...

So this battle had begun and its a battle of intellegence between two young brilliant students.

"Light VS L"

and the most funny thing is that death god is watching all this happen right in front of his eyes, which he finds it suspend and intrigue to continue witness this battle..

For your information, death god loves to eat APPLES !!

Go watch this movie if you want to know more info ;p

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_butt said...

eh you got read the mangga ar?

Elite@Villian said...

nope i dun like to read manga...cuz its a dead thingy...


Anonymous said...

what dead thingy lar? nice wut.