09 November 2006

New Blogs!

The new blog that I had created is a new expanded community!

The new Blog that will try to fulfill all my friends and peers needs, YOU ALL can try to REQUEST some of the files or informations that you need by posting in your comments.

And I will try my best to find those things that you need so badly. Of course for some will misuse the free services that I will provide, therefore I require all those requestors need to tell me their REASONS(ONLY THE ONE I THINK ITS RAESONABLE!!) Telling me why you need those?

OK GO visit that blog now and start requesting!

ps.====>Looking for good members to help me out!<=========


coco_panda said...

I want! I want!
That is if you let me =)

_butt said...

err.. wut kinda want do you want to want? :P

coco_panda said...

well you know, the kind of want that I know what's the want i want rite?.... :p