04 December 2006

Life Simple?

Too many of my friends said the life is very simple.... duh it would if we have a simple mind...unfortunately we are not tought to be like this.

My friends said that life is simple but short...I say life is complicated and short. If you say life is simple? For me is complicated as the world is not fill with black and white instead it is filled with more than 2 colours!!

Even now i fall sick i need to vomit...cant consumed much of food....even drinks are lesser...tell me how is that simple?

Believe me when you says its simple, is that means that human relationship is simple too? PLS ENLIGHTEN ME!!!

Oh My !! Post your opinions

Thanks and enjoy the day and pls do not fall sick... =(


Anonymous said...

hey, it's been a while!

how are you feeling now? should be getting well already la rite?

your friends are right. life is simple. you are right too. life is complicated. the point is, everyone is right! if you think it is, it is. simple enough. :)

take care ya.

Jacyn said...

Life is simply complicated or rather life is complicatedly simple. Lol, it all depends on how you see things in life.

My life is a simple one i would say, yet, i sort of complicate it at times.

Anyhow, just enjoy life to the maximum!

coco_panda said...

yo there, don't worry, i won't fall sick :p

take care, and don't ponteng class d la.. =)

Elite@Villian said...

Yeah and it takes a while for others to make comments...thx for the comments

Now my reply wahahahahaaaa.....

Ya right as if u all are living a simple life =P

Comon spare me the lecture and tell me how's ur life is...i think its not so simple as nowadays the society tends to make it complicated.

Even 1 year old baby knows the society "su**s" ok? hehe

_butt said...

LOL!! how a one year old bayi knows society shucks leh? care to tell me? ;)

actually, life is easy because we made it so. and of course, writing it out is easier than actually doing it hahaha

coco_panda said...

ya ya, tell tell....
1 yr old baby's life is simple la.
they just need to cry when they are hungry, cry only after they pee and never get scolding, cry when they want to sleep and cry whenever you bully them.
shucks meh?

Elite@Villian said...

When they are born have u ever see them smile more than they cry? =)

that means they already knew they will suffer right before they are out from the womb =)

You ever see they laugh when they come out from the womb? =) hehe