21 January 2007

Death Note Web

This is the website where you can download RAW or rmvb versions directly! For those who didn't catch the anime...the anime episodes are until episode 14!

All credit goes to coco_panda who introduce the site to me, and i wish to promote it to all the people who come to my site and visit.

This site is a free site, therefore it need some donation another sense i am helping it to get donation too to support them, those who had money please spare some, those who don't have, please come to my site and click to visit Death Note website.....

Honestly, the owner of the site is a college student, which is same like me....its too much for him to do everything, i would say i understand his feeling. Well then help him out by finding him a RMVB encoder!! Hehe, I am looking forward for him to hire me into his group.

Well seems like the subtitle for the death note will be english! For all of Death Note fans out there, you all should visit this site like right now!!

Visit the REALM OF DEATH NOTO (note)

By Elite@Villain * Shinigami

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