19 January 2007

Death Note the animation

This is just unbelievable, although i watch the death note animation and have yet watch the movie. I already think that L is going to die now, even L in the animation he is shivering while he is investigating the Laito aka KIRA. It seems to me that the L is losing the battle as there is another KIRA exist and helping the Laito to defeat L, I mean kill L.

The movie or animation is getting to its climax I think, as Misa aka second KIRA had obtained the eye of death god, which allow her to see the person's name and the date of dead using her eyes. But of course there is always a weakness, that is Misa unable to see Laito's date of dead, and that is how Misa knew Laito is KIRA.

Now the main of this post is that, L will be dead and there is nothing L can do to stop it if Misa sees L. So I think we cannot win against god's power huh? Eventhough the human had some of the god's power, it is sufficient for the human to had benefit on it. I had a bit of concern, as there may have a few among human who had the god's power(little of course) who may misuse it on us?

Ok back to the anime, what will you do to win this situation if you are L?????

For me, I think I will just have to point the gun on the Laito's head and FORCE him to hand over the DEATH NOTE!! This is the only way, and then I will have to write down Laito's name and Misa's name in the note so I can live.

So tell me your idea of overcoming this situation. Thanks



coco_panda said...

aiyoh, L doesn't know Laito is Kira is he gonna point the gun at him oh. and he doesn't know the eye of god fact, he doesn't even knw shinigami exist la. If he doesn't know all this, then he won't know anything about the eye of death god la.
How is he gonna know he will die oh.

Elite@Villian said...

if you watch the episode 13 u will know!!! go watch again please.

Elite@Villian said...

so sorry its episode 12 of death note animation around 10min to 15min of the anime