11 January 2007

Getting Tired....

Sometimes, I felt like I am so tired till I can't move (literally). Never know why, never intend to find out, never....never....never......feels like some of the things in the world are hard to reach, feel like it is getting further and further, out of reach. Thus, distance becomes a problem for me.

Sick of being so helpless, sick of being so idiotic......well I guess this is how human should feel huh? This is all predestined, all are meant to be, can't be helped? I am held not know how....just do not know how....Everything seems not clear to me anymore......Blury is the word to describe. Vision crowded by dark clouds.

The world is not that beautiful as it seems to be anymore, filled with dark and filthy stuffs.....Is this how our world is created? Is this how it is predestined to be? It can't changed huh? Too much thoughts....till I feel like I am a dump that is full with garbage....

sigh... Nevertheless, it is just nice to recall back when the world was once beautiful, which is simple and happy. Where is it now?! Feel so anguish and depressed....somehow I feel remorse. This is how it is ended.

ok end of my story =P
Just wanted to see how is this goes.....till then see ya, have a nice day

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_butt said...

there are times we feel like crap. just remember to let it go when we're done.