08 January 2007

Flood again

Not in my place, but its in other place. I believe it is predestined as people took advantage on TREES and other nature things. Now they had to pay for it. All the development had cause deforestation and green house effect exist due to the deforestation.

FYI, trees absorb water which in the end prevent flood IF there is enough trees in that area. Without trees, the soil is eroding!! Why PEOPLE won't understand?! Now the flood attacks our country Malaysia, anyone REGRETED?!

Do you know how much it cause our government to clean up the mess after the flood evaded in Johor? RM600K, this is government spending!! I studied economic, too much government spending will cause the government fund deficit and in the end in order for government to pay up the debts is to PRINT MORE MONEY!!

As a result, we face INFLATION!! Geez people WAKE UP!! You had just cause a chain reaction which is MORE WORST THAN NUCLEAR.........Our next generation will suffer, sigh.... For those who had money, I mean RICH PEOPLE, please help the government to reduce their spending and START CONTRIBUTING instead of being "SELL FISH".

Really pisses me off, as I am incapable of reducing the government spending, and help DONATE to those FLOOD VICTIMS.

Thats all I am going to say.... for now until tomorrow
=X Good Night.



coco_panda said...

ehem, thought you got no mood to post. and now this pop-up. =.=

Elite@Villian said...

hehe so fast wor u post ur comment....facing flood le others, later internet gets slower again....more worst than before >.<

coco_panda said...

mine is working fine wo....
go format your pc la.... :p
i'll send you songs, don't worry... :p