28 March 2007

|**~~5th Semester Grades!!~~**|

Many of my friends are anxious in waiting for the result for last semester. But as you know for those who knew they failed their exams in the last semester definitely would feel that it makes no different even after the result released. Only for those who passed all the exams, then they are anxious in waiting for the Grade or CGPA from college.

As you know there are 2 types of people in the student realm.

One is those who anxious before the result, another is those who anxious after the result. Which one am I? Well I am the second option. After the result released that I had passed, now I have to wait for the Grade or CGPA from the college! Guessing how many A or B or C that I have.

For those who failed in the exams, they don't even want to know the grade for the subject they passed. Sad to say they feel like giving up study. Well this is life I guess. Now those who are anxious before the result, they wanted to know HOW MANY SUBJECTS they PASSED. They were disappointed when they saw the shocking truth about the result; failed more than they expected. Heart broken into half....

I pray for those who resit, pass the exam and able to graduate. By the way, I am in my last semester of my Diploma. Going to graduate soon, definitely will make sure I won't fail in this last semester exams! =D


LaSh said...

good luck with the studies and exams ;)

coco_panda said...

good luck my friend. i'm sure you will do just fine.
A top student will alwayz be a top student.

play lesser game and you'll score even better :p

btw, i think i feed to much things to my laptop..and now having problem reviving it. So, might not be seeing me for the time being..
byebye ma fren... *sobsob*

_butt said...

all the best! =)

Elite@Villian said...

LaSh : thx! and quickly done ur
assignments =D

coco : i wont play less game =P
but i will try to manage my

butt : thx! btw u will see me in ur
friends' blogs =P more