30 March 2007


Guys there seems to be a BIG lie about the TARC as they claimed to be a half private and half government college, and the government DO NOT RECOGNISED the diploma and advance diploma we get from the college!

This is a very serious matter for those who wish to work in the government sector. I would like to know how many of TARC students know about this issue and what you all would like to comment about this issue, as it is a crucial issue for TARC graduated students.

No one tells us about this matter til the paper state it, and one of TARC students(stated in the last post) tries to apply to be a cop and been rejected for 3 times! Just in case you do not know how serious this is,what's more? Those who wishes to go oversea and continue study with the TARC certificate, it will not be recognised and will have to retake the course AGAIN?? Is it? OMG...

Although the TARC is trying to solve the issue, it will take some times before we all will be recognised by the government!

SO leave your comment about this issue, so I can count the pupils from TARC that are aware! Please state your reason(s) about why it is important for the government to recognise the TARC....Thanks!!

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Anonymous said...

1st comment comes...
But not from TARC student...

TARC claimed themselves as half government half private...

GOVERNMENT said TARC certs are not recognised...

I am only a student...
Who should I believe?
Where should I check out?
Wanna study...
Meanwhile have to worry if my certificate is recognised by Government...

I am only a student...

denccl said...

- There is really make me disappointed to government n Tarc when knew that government does not recognise tarc diploma & advance diploma certificate recently.

How come can happen like that one?

- Now, i suddenly feel hopeless!!
What should i do actually?
Continue study at Tarc ? Or
Plan to go for private college?

If there is true that Tarc is not recognised by government from now . That means all my studies and diploma certificate in Tarc is become white paper.. And my 2 years effort and studies in Tarc is gone?

~ I really don't want this happen and start from beginning... I sincerely hope the news are not true..

~ So, who can help us? Pity me!!!!

coco_panda said...

Aiks, now i am confuse. Is it only for the advance diplomas or it includes TARC's diploma?

Elite@Villian said...

anonymous : Even you are still a
student you still worry
about this as it will
matter when you are going
to work in the government
sector! But it will be
settle in another few
more months i guess...

denccl: Yes it is very disappointed
and frustrated to know that
TARC diploma and advance
diploma will not going to
be recognised by the
government...if I am not
wrong TARC is under
MCA...MCA will soon be out
to speak for us I hope....
Meanwhile we should be
finishing our diploma no
matter what. Then continue
what we had started,
therefore 2 years effort
won't be wasted as you
complete what you had

coco_ :Yes it is diploma and
advance diploma, both of

Anonymous said...

TARC is half private half government, why government do not regonised the qualification of TARC???

The international board (ACCA,CIMA & ICSA) also regonised TARC cert, why government cannot regonised it...
or the government think that their qualification o their standard should higher that those board???

Why the government will regonised the UTAR student but not TARC student??? Because UTAR is degree, TARC is advance???
As a TARC i don't think that our TARCian's performance will poor than others degree student lol...

So why the government cannot regonised our advance diploma???
I really no idea why the government don't regonised our advance diploma la!!!
Especially SBS accounting, our SBS's accounting can get 9 paper exempeted from ACCA & 11 paper from CIMA. That's mean our qualfication has been regonised by them why our goverment cannot regonised it...

So blur about this...

Elite@Villian said...

Nice comment you have there! Yes it is very frustrating, and from what I heard is that government do not recognised the degree that had been converted, like advance to degree conversion, if I am not wrong about this. No matter what, we will still have to finish what we had started.

I thank you for leaving your comment here.

plsoo said...

Hopefully TARC certificates can be recognise by JPA as soon as
Datuk Ong Tee Keat said at 9th April 2007 press conference after
parliament meeting. So that the TARCIAN who interesting on government
sector have chance to enroll as government servant.

Elite@Villian said...

plsoo: so that means there is no certain yet....for me, my accounting ccert is recognised around the world, but not for Malaysia's government =.=

plsoo said...


We wait n see.

Anonymous said...

In fact, not only the Advanced Diploma/ Diploma is not recognised by the Malaysian government; even the private employers look down at TARC's Advanced Diploma!!! They always equilise the Advanced Diploma to Diploma and we actually lose out in competing for a good job!
I am now plaaning to proceed with my further study in order to get at least a Degree. Honestly, this really hurt as I already spent 5 years and yet end up with nothing. Now, I have to spend another few years in order to be competitive in the market... not only that, the schooling fee also burdens me!!!
My advice: never opt for TARC if you have better choice!

EliteVillain said...

Well firstly hi to whoever you are. I can sense your frustrations because a lot of them been through this ... most of them did not know that TARC isn't that great, and fyi they never mentioned clearly until you opt in their courses although some of the students turns out great, then what about the rest? Sigh...