24 March 2007

eHarmony or Just Say Hi

eHarmony is an online dating site. is much different from the eHarmony. THe MAJOR difference will have to be the cost. offers FREE cost to join the community whilst eHarmony that site charges you for joining.

Like other online dating sites. You will get to meet thousands of fun, attractive, men and women in your area with just a click of a button. I assume the site is starting from 2006 and it is expanding now at a good rate. Now there is more than 500 users in

If I am correct, this site is only for USA citizens. Well it is better because eHarmony need to pay but JustSayHi do not have to so this site is perfect for USA citizens. For those who are still singles out there, feeling lonely especially on holidays then you should give this a shot. Join the site and try your luck, eventhough you had joined other online dating sites. I believe the more you join the more chance you get to meet someone you like.... eHarmony or JustSayHi

Ranging from the age 18 till 40 above, so I think most of the people can join and try their luck. Never too old to fall in love. eHarmony Visit it and try your luck NOW!

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