26 March 2007

PlentyOfFish or JustSayHi

Well Make your choice again everyone. Last post it is about eHarmony or JustSayHi. From what I read in PlentyOfFish, they claimed generates over 300,000 relationships a year making the world's largest singles site. PlentyOfFish is the largest dating site measured by relationships created in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Compare to JustSayHi they are new comers and they only provide to USA which is only beneficial to USA citizens only.

PlentyOfFish and JustSayHi, both are free online dating sites. No credit cards needed. The only thing we can compare is the registration way. But seems to me both are quite user-friendly and almost zero hassle. Visit here to see more of the benefits in joining JustSayHi.

Like I had stated in the last post, the more dating sites you joined the more chance of you get to meet the Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. Since JustSayHi is free and newly formed, I think there will be more chances for you to be exposed than the other dating sites because you just have to be outstanding and not many "competitors" there. So make your choices, as everything I said is solely on my discretion only.


sew said...
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sew said...

There is a site called They have been around longer a lot longer than Plenty of Fish and it has more features. The site is a lot prettier, cleaner and easier to navigate. ;-)